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Are you tired of restrictive membership programs?


Salon Sage is proud to announce the launch of our unlimited membership program! We have done away with the old system that restricted people to one service.

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How it Works

Your $50 monthly payment comes right back to you by turning into a credit on your account that you can use toward any and all services and products!


Plus you will receive VIP discounts of:

✨ 20% off all retail products

✨ 10% off all services


Join today to start enjoying the rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cash out my salon credit if I move away?

We are unable to cash out a client’s salon credit, but we recommend treating yourself before you leave and getting that service you’ve always wanted or stocking up on products for yourself and others.

Can I really use the credit on anything in the salon?

Yes! You can use your credit on any services, products or even gift cards for others!

Will my card be charged on the same day every month? If so, which day?

Yes, your card will be charged on the same day every month. The date is set by when you sign up for the membership. During the online enrollment process, you are given the opportunity to choose the “start date” of your membership. If you want your payment to fall during a certain time of the month, choose the start date that is best for you!

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope! Everything in this membership is designed to be beneficial to the client.

Is it better to sign up online or in the salon?

That is completely up to you! The online sign up process is very user friendly but we are happy to do it for you if you are more comfortable doing it in the salon.

I got an error message while signing up online. Help!

I put in my name and email address but got an error that says, “Your account is not present, please contact nearest branch.”


Here’s how to fix it:


This happens when the system cannot find your profile that is already set up through our booking software. You must use the email address and name affiliated with your profile. If you are a new client, you must first set up your account and book your first appointment. Then you will be able to use the membership sign up with the name and email you originally used. If you are a returning client, double check that the email you are entering is the same one that you receive your receipts and appointment reminders to. If you are still unable to enroll, contact us via text or email as there may be a typo in your original profile that we will fix for you.

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Terms and Conditions

While our membership is tailored to benefit the client above all but, we do have to have some conditions in place to protect our salon.

Discounts begin immediately after enrollment process is complete. Monthly payments will be made on the date enrolled for every month following. Please keep this in mind when you sign up if you want your payment to be set to a specific time of the month.

Discount is only available to the named cardholder and is only available on services at list price. Discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions.

By completing the enrollment process, you are agreeing to pay $50 every month until further written notice. Memberships must be cancelled online or via email to Written proof is required, make sure you receive a cancellation confirmation email.

Salon Sage reserves the right to cancel or refuse a membership at any time if a member is not abiding by the terms and conditions. If a member has services costing more than the balance on their account, the difference is payable at the time of their services.

If any balance remains at the time of cancellation, you will still be able to use the balance on the account, but discounts will not be applied after the date your membership ends. Account balance is not refundable or transferable, but you can purchase gift certificates from your account although no discount will apply.


By completing the enrollment process, you agree to the terms and conditions listed above. We reserve the right to change these conditions at any time – members will be notified in advance of any changes.